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 About CMS


Founded in 1997, Coordinated Maritime Services of San Diego™ is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to maritime information, education, and industry outreach with classroom instruction and hands on training at CMS Maritime Learning Center™ in Barrio Logan and aboard CMS school ships.

CMS provides maritime education, hands–on training, and career development. Executive Director Captain Bentley developed a comprehensive state approved ROP course in maritime career exploration and Professional Maritime Studies and Training™. CMS is the only organization that focuses on the working waterfront. With the donation of sailboats, tugboats, and other projects, the exclusive CMS Training Module is hands–on, project–based training in conjunction with classroom instruction.

CMS delivers a continual infusion of much needed next generation students and adult work force to the waterfront. Continuing curriculum encourages education through self–study, paid/unpaid work experience, job shadowing, apprenticeships, and internships. Post secondary education opportunties are presented. The skills young people and adults acquire last a lifetime and affect future income potential while offering a chance to become independent and self–supporting.

Through leadership, assistance, and expertise, CMS helps to interpret, preserve, and promote San Diego’s maritime heritage and make available important maritime related resources.


"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him to fish and you feed him for life"

CMS empowers young people and employable adults in transition with global skills to last a lifetime. Learn by doing with hands on training.

Strategic Alliances

CMS builds strategic alliances with waterfront commerce and industry, tidelands business, government at all levels, and other related organizations. These alliances will focus on identifying, developing, promoting, and delivering quality career awareness and training resources to young men and women; develop and implement internship, apprenticeship, and training programs and outreach to employable adults in transition.

San Diego’s Maritime Industry-Statistics

The maritime industry is vitally important for San Diego. More than 25% of San Diego’s gross regional product ($16 billion annual economic output) stems from United States Government and Unified Port District waterfront activities. According to the Port of San Diego’s statistics, San Diego comprises 27 miles of shoreline, 1,600 acres of industrial and commercial land use, and 6,000 acres of military land. Port cities are Chula Vista, Coronado, Imperial Beach, National City, and San Diego.

Advancement of Maritime Occupations

Coordinated Maritime Services is dedicated to the pride of American Maritime. We seek to promote and preserve America’s maritime heritage and industry here in San Diego. CMS encourages merchant marine skills providing education, training, and career opportunities. The maritime profession uses waterways for commerce, transportation, defense, and recreation. It is also uses the traditions and skills, arts and crafts, artifacts and documents, and buildings, structures, and vessels that reflect our past maritime endeavors.

Strategic Planning/Data Collection/Evaluation

CMS’ Waterfront Workforce Development™ seeks to advance this awareness and internship program to promote a continual infusion of next generation students and young people to the maritime world. Maritime related careers are often overlooked by vocational counselors. There are many opportunities for the college bound student as well as the vocational trades. Through leadership, assistance, and expertise, we will help to interpret, preserve, and promote the maritime heritage in San Diego and make available maritime related resources.

Target Population/Market Segmentation/Diversity

Adults in transition, San Diego County school districts, existing programs, and counselors to identify need areas of student and youth population to stimulate an interest in obtaining information about the maritime industry as a possible career choice. Target at risk youth and disadvantaged families to explore positive career objectives. Youths: grades 9-12; ages 17-21, community and university college students, San Diego County residents.

Become a Valued Community Partner

Your tax deductible donation supports these worthwhile programs and projects. Contribute to San Diego’s rich maritime heritage, waterfront economy, and future mariners.


Many opportunities for ongoing and special event projects for young people, corporate teams, groups, seniors.

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